Congrats Mighty Efficient!



What we do in an average month through our mighty processing app:

Oncharging over 2,500 hours

Marking up over 1,200 bills

Time Saving

Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Tradesmen – Spending 3 hours on average a week (mostly unpaid) on: quoting, invoicing, chasing debtors on-charge of materials, checking of supplier statements, paying the bills, paying staff, PAYE/GST returns, dealing with ACC, accountant, IRD, banks etc. And fixing mistakes.


With over 40 years combined experience in bookkeeping, accounting and payroll, we promise to do it properly. We love a simple approach and totally commit to getting it right first time. Because nothing is worse than fixing mistakes.

Our services

Bookkeeping – Making sure the numbers are right so you can:

  • Plan for Tax
  • Plan cashflow
  • Plan capacity
  • Plan workload distribution
  • Plan a holiday

We do all/some for you OR we train you or staff how to do it yourself.

Payroll – We process your payroll pain-free.

Ask us for efficiency gains via online timesheets. We can also get you the best reporting to assess the value of your staff.


Efficiency App

We have created an efficiency app:

  • Workers log time on the smartphone or tablet
  • We can import supplier bills to apply markups
  • Then we create and email invoices
  • We see overall performance increases because there’s no more guesswork or confusion!

Our promise is that you will save time and money!

New to Business

Starting a business is scary and exciting. That’s why you’re probably thinking about doing your own bookkeeping.

We can show you how so you don’t even start spending time after work doing paperwork.

Think about having all the hours in one place instead of your daily timesheets. Forget about printing all bills, we show you how easy paperless can be.

For the small businesses we have made the timetracker app FREE if you only have 2 users.

Contact us to find out more and see it in action.

Or enquire about our fixed fee to do it all for you.

Existing Business

Doing things they way they’ve always been done and getting busier clash sometimes.

Maybe you find yourself missing out on family time because of paperwork. Or you’re struggling with cashflow, which is strange, given how busy you are. Maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing your bookkeeping.

We have systems in place to take over all your bookkeeping smooth and easy. Our monthly fixed fees will help you budget and maintain good cashflow.

Contact us to find out more and see it in action.


Plimmer Building Contractors Ltd

Since using Mighty Efficient for all of our bookkeeping and payroll our bottom line has improved. We love the peace of mind that every labour hour paid to workers is accounted for. Every bill paid to a supplier gets marked up and oncharged. No more confusion, we know exactly where we’re at. The time we’re saving preparing the monthly invoices goes into project management. This in turn lets us keep up the quality of our workmanship because we can focus on our core business – building beautiful homes!

Wanaka A&P Show

To run the financial side of the Wanaka A&P show is one of Bronwyn's favourite things it seems to me! The amount of work involved to keep the books balanced is increasing each year, we couldn't do it without some mighty efficiency.


We're sparkies - not officeworkers! Anja & Bronwyn and the app let us do what we do best. They get our staff sorted, bills on-charged and paid. All that with minimum interruption to our busy workload, we're all for lean admin!

About us

Anja touched up a bit

Anja O’Connor

After working for chartered accountants for over 20 years Anja is well experienced to comment on small businesses. She provides coaching to companies in the Wanaka area and helps them to implement systems and solutions to solve the same bookkeeping problems she has seen over and over. She loves getting small businesses to understand their business numbers. Apart from number crunching and putting the logic systems cap on, Anja loves mountain biking and personal development.


Bronwyn McCarthy

Bronwyn started her bookkeeping career in the hospitality industry over 20 years ago, from working behind the bar she moved on to the office swiftly. Her no-nonsense and efficient approach to problems means tricky stuff gets sorted quickly. Like regular payroll calculations or PAYE return filing – no dramas, just getting on with it. Bronwyn loves riding her bike and spending time with her family.

Get in touch

  • info@mightyefficient.co.nz
  • 03 443 4912 leave us a message
  • 3 Frederick St
  • PO Box 376, Wanaka 9343